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Are you in need of some Digital Art Services?

I can offer 5+ of experience dedicated to PREVIS and Character ANIMATION, including projects like the much loved VeggieTales series.

My own animated short films have won awards in Australia as far back as 2002.

Or perhaps a Video EDITOR is what you came here for? Freelance Editor and Videographer experience includes events, short film projects, gigs spanning from 2005 - 2021!

You may be interested in the 'Writer Director' page for related info.

Video Editor


Having spent years as a Layout/Previs artist for animated television, I combine this experience with my accumulated writing, directing, editing, animation and acting skills to offer the full package;

I carry the skillset to take a sequence from storyboard through to fleshed out previsualisation.




I have worked as a Videographer and Editor for events, both live and documentary.

Editorial for animation content follows the same rules and backed by my multidisciplinary skillset the edit is like surfing a wave in the storytelling pipeline; It is one of my favorite crafts to sit at the computer for.

Although I've trained in 3-4 Editing packages over the past 15 years, I use the Adobe Suite these days; it provides smooth integration between software and is comfortable for both small freelance tasks and major projects 



My work as an on-screen ACTOR grants a level of understanding of character performance which is the skill hardest to teach.This informs character performance, and though most of my bipedal animation content is from productions never released, I hope the Veggie examples provide reassurance of both capability and understanding of the craft.


DEMO REEL above...
(a new CREATURE / Dino shot
coming in next version)

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